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Bob Roth

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Be Calm and Soar

What do Russell Simmons, David Lynch and Clint Eastwood have in common? They're all huge advocates of the Transcendental Meditation program; better known, simply as 'TM'.  Although, I've followed TM for many years, and read about the incredible impact that it's having on people, I've never formally learned how to practice it myself.  Enter Dr. Norman Rosenthal, and the voice of TM Bob Roth. Dr. Rosenthal and Bob are extraordinary human beings who are doing amazing work in the world to help each of us take back our lives.  I know that I speak for many of you, when I say that sometimes I feel more like a human doing machine and less like a human 'being.'  I'm often glued to my iPhone, and iPad, not far away from my facebook friends; and always thinking of the next big idea.  And although while 'doing', I feel productive, I often end up  exhausted, sound familiar? Well, see what's possible in just 20 minutes....