Episode #1092 Metabase: Build the Machine: How to Scale Your Organization

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The interview video

Sameer, Allen, and Jenna discus hiring, leadership, and time management frameworks for founders to plan for their startups future.



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Learning Points

  •  How Metabase creates “analytics for humans” 
  •  Why startups should implement operational processes from day one and how to lay the foundation for your future 
  •  Why Metabase chooses the path of least drama 
  • The value of having a writing heavy culture and Metabase’s practice of documenting their unanswered questions 
  • Three questions to ask when debriefing projects 
  • A founder’s job as an editor not a writer 
  • How to create a culture that organically promotes ownership 
  • A new framework to approach hiring and the single question Sameer asks before bringing on new team members
  • How Sameer and Allen organize their time and the importance of asking the question: What is the one thing I can do today that will change the company's odds of success? 
  • Why sleep is the greatest indicator of your performance 
  • Sameer and Allen’s personal routines as founders and how establishing one helps you navigate the ebbs and flows of your business 
  • Why all startups are unique and the importance of being self aware of the strengths you have at this company, not your last

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