Episode #675 Her Campus Media: Building the #1 Online Community for College Women

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The interview video

Jenna Abdou and Chase Jennings have a conversation with Windsor Hanger on what it took to build Her Campus Media and what she's doing now to continue with their extraordinary growth.


Her Campus Media

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Three Strategies for Your Next Business Relationship

Written by Jenna Abdou

Windsor Hanger, Stephanie Kaplan, and Annie Wang have solved online publishers’ two biggest challenges - monetization and content distribution - by targeting a niche audience. Recognized as one of Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women, Her Campus Media receives over 5 million unique monthly views and caters to college women at over 230 universities. Co-founder and President Windsor Hanger attributes the site’s success to their narrow demographic which allows them to solely provide relevant content for their users.

Five years after launching at Harvard, Her Campus has trademarked the term ‘collegiette’ and is the largest advertising platform for college women. Hanger leads business development and has forged partnerships with prominent brands like American Express, American Apparel, and Victoria’s Secret. 

Try these three strategies before making your next business relationship: 

  1. Identify the value you can gain from the relationship. Whether a company has a great reputation like Nordstrom or can provide beneficial content for your users like SELF Magazine, evaluate how the results of the partnership will help you better fulfill your mission. 
  2. Bring specific goals to your meetings. Address each task directly and see if your partner can help you achieve it. 
  3. Determine whether your partner’s needs are suitable to the current state of your company. The only way you can come to an agreement is if both your needs are met.