Episode #859 Jorge Brea: Building the One Stop Shop For the Music Industry

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Moe and Jorge Brea discuss the challenges building Symphonic Distribution and how it evolved to eventually attract big-time labels and artists.


Jorge Brea

CEO at Symphonic Distribution View Full Profile

The Rise of Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic Distribution is a modern platform that provides record labels and independent artists the type of distribution options that, not too long ago, were only available to A-list talent.   Founded in 2006 by Jorge Brea, Symphonic has come a long way, and as what you’ll hear in this conversation with Brea, their climb wasn’t without challenge.  

Here’s what we’ll explore:

  • The initial business model and its evolution

  • Gaining clarity on the problem they’re solving

  • Building awareness in a crowded space

  • The strategy behind establishing meaningful partnerships

  • Getting unstuck

  • Attracting established labels and artists

  • The best and worst business advice