Episode #1235 Zhi Gang Sha: Can your Soul Heal Your Business?

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Moe Abdou and Master Sha talk about ancient and modern wisdom and practical techniques to create unlimited abundance in your business and in life.


Zhi Gang Sha

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Can your Soul Heal Your Business?

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to once again, experience the masterful approach to healing and inspiration that only Master Sha (@ZhiGangSha) brings to the world.  Beyond his grace and priceless wisdom, he invited me, along with 550 of his most devout fans to go on a personal journey with him in an effort to unlock the hidden dimensions of growth, prosperity, and wellbeing.  

This was my first full immersion at one of his retreats, and to say that I was captivated is an understatement - not only did I walk away with a newfound appreciation and understanding of the impact that Karma has on each of our lives, I realized for the first time that clearing it has far less to do with what you say than how you live.  

A few weeks before the event, I was asked to interview Master Sha during one of his more advanced programs in celebration of his latest book - Soul over Matter.  This book was of particular interest to me, as for the first time, it deliberately focused on the integration of spiritual principles and business.  It was a collaborative effort with Adam Markel (@adammarkel), and as you’ll find out during this conversation, Master Sha will leave you convinced that what’s good for your soul, is equally good for your business, starting with your finances.  

Here are a few the questions that lead our discussion:  
  • Why abundance is more easily desired than achieved
  • Can you truly have unlimited abundance?
  • Learning to choose and trigger your soul
  • Why scarcity is a self-induced relationship
  • Learning to embrace the money conversation
  • The difference between goals and intentions
  • How much of business success has to do with energy