Episode #891 Deborah Davis: Changing the Perception of People with Disabilities

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Deborah Davis joins 33voices to discuss what modern business is missing by not engaging the disabled and how to create an effective awareness campaign.


Deborah Davis

Founder and owner of PushLiving, co-owner of PhotoAbility.net View Full Profile

The Bright Side of Disability

When you stop to consider that 56.7 million, or nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S has some type of disability, it’s disheartening to rationalize why we don’t do more as a society to invite them to contribute more to our lives, both personally and professionally. Earlier today, as I was speaking with Deborah Davis about her work with Photoability and Push Living, I had to pause for a moment and imagine a world where I wasn’t able to lead, what most of us would perceive as a normal life, and instead had to adapt to a life in a wheelchair.  It was a sudden jolt that quickly faded, because Debbie sees nothing abnormal about her life or lifestyle.  She had a great college experience at the University of Miami, got married and has a beautiful family. Like most of us, is working hard to build a business that matters.    

I have a fond appreciation for the commitment that Deborah and her partner Bill Forrester are making to have their voice heard.  To them, its very personal, and as you’ll notice in my conversation with her, what they represent is what society needs.  

Here’s what we touch on:

  • How meaningful work impacts your life

  • The shift from feeling sorry for yourself to wanting to have impact

  • What modern business is missing by not engaging the disabled

  • Creating an effective awareness campaign

  • The evolution of Push Living and Photoability

  • What to do when doubt lurks

  • Why Guinness gets it