Episode #1596 Krista Tippett: Claiming Our Wholeness

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“It is a spiritual discipline that is life-giving to understand the power of being conscious of why we do what we do.” 

Krista Tippett is beloved for catalyzing public dialogue around what it means to be human. Her calling to discover what matters continues to nurture an intimate space of belonging at The On Being Project, where, for the last 18 years, millions of us gather to explore the beauty and mystery of our shared human experience. 

Imbued with the wisdom of a spiritual life, and thousands of soul-filling interviews, Krista illuminates what she’s learned about fulfilling our innate yearning for wholeness. We delve into the nature of embodiment and why embracing our multiplicity is the path to authentic becoming. In the moment of “claiming our wholeness,” she says, “we also claim our potential to become more profoundly and gracefully ourselves.” 


Krista Tippett

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