Episode #1093 Lauren Loktev: Collaborative Fund's Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Lauren and Jenna discuss why Collaborative Fund operates like a startup, the firm’s 2016 focus on ‘whole child development,’ and Lauren’s personal evolution as an investor.


Lauren Loktev

Venture Partner at Collaborative Fund View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Lauren’s focus on ‘whole child development’ 
  • How design sensibility reveals strong brand identity in early stage startups
  • Balancing head and gut in venture capital 
  • Inside Lauren’s personal investment process and the questions she asks before partnering with a startup 
  • The unifying quality linking Collaborative Fund’s portfolio companies
  • Lauren’s observations and role helping young founding teams navigate growth 
  • Lauren’s personal evolution as an investor and why she had to accept that not all investments will be successful 
  • The early career lesson that shapes Lauren’s investments and why you should “pull the string” when you sense something is astray