Episode #539 Nellie Akalp: Corporate Compliance

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The interview video

Moe Abdou, founder of 33voices interviews Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com.


Nellie Akalp

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Entrepreneurs vs. 'Nonpreneurs'

In my decision to become an entrepreneur, I began reading piles of books to understand where I needed to start.  After familiarizing myself with the historical success-stories of the entrepreneurial greats, I came to understand that there really wasn’t a definitive process to become one.  The most important move you can make is just going for it.  The path involves a great deal of risks and hard work, but courage and perseverance is what separates entrepreneurs from ‘nonpreneurs.’   For those who dream big but don’t know where to start, Nellie Akalp shares how to easy it is to legitimize your business here…