Episode #1400 Rachel Drori: Daily Harvest Is Solving Our Modern Eating Dilemma

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Rachel Drori and Jenna walk through Daily Harvest’s founding story, from making and delivering everything on her own to acquiring over 100,000 subscribers across the U.S. Rachel takes us behind the scenes at Daily Harvest’s R&D lab, explains the evolution of the frozen food aisle, and why her team believes that frozen food is the perfect way to solve our modern eating dilemma. 

We also chat about key lessons from Rachel’s journey including: Having the self-restraint to pitch only a small part of your vision to give people something to latch onto, trusting your instincts to make big decisions and relying on Stoic philosophy to put them in perspective, as well as embracing the relative joy of entrepreneurship; “If you can live with the worst possible outcome of taking a risk it’s worth taking.”


Rachel Drori

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