Episode #1584 Dr.Tarika Barrett: Dr.Tarika Barrett on Anchoring in Joy

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“In all of it, I find joy.” 

Dr.Tarika Barrett spent her childhood growing up between Brooklyn and Kingston, Jamaica. It was during her formative years in Jamaica that she watched her mom launch the country’s first mentorship program; Unbeknownst that she’d too go on to lead one, Girls Who Code: A phenomenal non-profit that has reached over 450,000 young women. 

Dr. Barrett’s gift is her exuberant joy, unwavering in the face of both beauty and adversity. We explore gratitude as the genesis of optimism and the strength we need to pursue our purpose. Intentionally present, she derives fulfillment from a unique well: Our stories. We talk about the power of sisterhood, connecting through vulnerability, and the stories that inspire her bravery. 


Dr.Tarika Barrett

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