Episode #234 Saul Kaplan: The Business Model Innovation Factory


Moe Abdou interviews the author of The Business Model Innovation Factory, Saul Kaplan


Saul Kaplan

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Disrupt yourself or be disrupted

I'm a classic early adaptor.  I love new and unique innovations; especially technological ones and have a great deal of admiration for transformational firms such as Amazon, Apple and Square.  These titans have become our obsession, not necessarily because of their amazing products, more so because they make our lives easier.  When Apple released the first iPod, it was the iTunes library that made it a breakthrough innovation.  By the time the iPhone and iPad were released, it was the brilliance of the App store concept that changed everything in the mobile industry.  Saul Kaplan calls this, The Business Model Innovation Factory, because staying relevant today is all about re-imagining how to deliver value.  Saul's mantra is Connect, Inspire and Transform and he's how to get started......