Episode #225 Ben Benjamin: 33voices interview with Ben E. Benjamin


33voices interview with Ben E. Benjamin


Ben Benjamin

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Change your behavior, change the conversation

Great communicators are magnetizing.  They command attention, inspire greatness and always seem to bring the best out in those around them.  Spend a few minutes in the presence of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama and you instantly feel his karma.  He personifies a rare spirit of compassion, love and unrelenting harmony.  When he speaks to you, it's never confrontational and always from a position of trust and mutual respect.  Like anything worthwhile, great communication is a learned skill and Ben Benjamin has co-authored Conversation Transformation - to help you overcome your most destructive communication habits.  According to Ben, "all communication breakdowns can be explained in terms of one common factor:  Behavior".  Here's how changing your behavior will dramatically improve your communication results.....