Episode #223 J. Keith Murnighan: 33voices interview withJ. Keith Murnighan


33voices interview withJ. Keith Murnighan


J. Keith Murnighan

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Do nothing and achieve everything

My highest goal as a leader has always been to inspire greatness in others.  From a young age, I was drawn to the leadership craft by watching the far reaching impact that exceptional leaders have on the world.  I was fortunate to get my first leadership opportunity when I was 23, and since then, leadership has been my number one learning priority.  Like most, experience has been my greatest teacher and mistakes is where my most important learning occurred.  Perhaps my biggest recurring mistake has been simply doing too much.  Although, I take tremendous pride in aligning myself with the best talent, I find myself not delegating enough.  Northwestern University professor J. Keith Murnighan, wrote the book - Do Nothing - to inspire leaders to spend more time facilitating and orchestrating, and less time micro-managing. His concept is not entirely new, but his strategies challenge conventional wisdom.  Here's why.....