Episode #247 Michael Slind: 33voices interview with writer editor Michael Slind.


33voices interview with writer editor Michael Slind.


Michael Slind

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Business is personal

The language that you use each day has the greatest influence on how you see the world around you.  When you deliberately choose to communicate with words that align with your highest intention, you connect with others on a much deeper and a more personal level.  One of the great turning points for me professionally was when I started to re-imagine the concept of client meetings.  I am never one to push a product on anyone, nor do I like it when I feel like I'm being sold.  I feel most safe when I'm having a meaningful conversation with someone who can add value to my life.  With that as my guiding principle, I suggested to my financial advisors that we stop have client meetings and start having meaningful conversations that were unscripted and more intimate.  The results were stunning and mirrored what Michael Slind and Boris Groysberg discuss in their awesome new book - Talk, Inc.  They distill meaningful conversations into a simple four step process that includes Intimacy, Interactivity, Inclusion and Intentionality.  Here's Michael walking you through how to implement it.....