Episode #240 Susan Steinbrecher: 33voices interview with SusanSteinbrecher, author of Kensho.


33voices interview with SusanSteinbrecher, author of Kensho.


Susan Steinbrecher

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The Kensho way

Today's modern organization is much more collaborative, flat, and absent layers of organizational silos.  It seeks to inspire consumers, empower employees and truly make the world a more prosperous place.  And while most of us yearn to be a part of such a work environment, the majority of us are just observing and learning from the pioneers, such as Google and SAS Institute.  Susan Steinbrecher, is an organizational consultant who's helping companies change from the inside out.  Her philosophy - Kensho - embraces the Japanese Zen tradition and inspires leaders to first and foremost, be mindful of their own true essence before seeking to impact others.  When you come from such an authentic place, you become more accepting of others, open to varying perspectives and much more attentive to the needs of your most important constituents.  Here's a look at how the best do it....