Episode #276 Erin Saxton: 33voices interview with erin Saxton


33voices interview with erin Saxton


Erin Saxton

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Connect through emotion

Everything and everyone is a brand.  To win today, you have to stand for something far bigger than yourself; something that will improve the lives of those you serve.  A few years ago, Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide CEO, Kevin Roberts started the movement away from brands as we know them and more towards what he calls 'Lovemarks'.  According to Roberts, "a lovemark is when a brand becomes not irreplaceable, but irresistible.  It's a brand that creates not loyalty for a reason, but loyalty beyond reason.  Beyond attribute, benefit, range, and price."  And as entrepreneurs and creators living in uncertain times, our greatest competitive advantage will be that level of intimacy and emotional connection that our brand builds with our community.  Erin Saxton, is a PR maven who has mastered the art of making such connections.  Having worked on shows that include The View, Good Morning America and Barbara Walters Specials, she knows how to get you noticed - here's her advice .....