Episode #262 Lisa Stevens: Lisa Stevens is an accomplishedchoreographer .


Lisa Stevens is an accomplishedchoreographer .


Lisa Stevens

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Hiring like a choreographer

When I'm searching for new ways to approach common issues, I always find it helpful to look for inspiration in uncommon places.  Take for example the work of choreographers -  because they approach each new project anew, they're often bringing together strangers from diverse backgrounds and within a short period of time, they're harmonizing their every move.   Spend a few minutes with accomplished choreographer Lisa Stevens and you'll gain a new appreciation for the precision behind their approach.  Although Lisa is a master judge of talent, she never waivers in asking others to cover her blind spots.  She understands the importance of hiring the right people, but it's only when those people work well together does greatness emerge.  Here's how she approaches that creative process ...