Episode #261 Leonard Schlesinger: 33voices interview with Leonard Schlesinger, President of Babson college.

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33voices interview with Leonard Schlesinger, President of Babson college.


Leonard Schlesinger

President of Babson College View Full Profile

Action Trumps Everything

Aristotle once said, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."  And for entrepreneurs, that's permission to tinker with ideas.  It's a mindset that entrepreneurial success is an evolutionary process, and one that will never end.  It starts with a small idea and grows into an ongoing experiment that continually reveals what the marketplace accepts and what we have to change.  Growing up, I was rarely encouraged to take 'the road less traveled', instead my generation was more about conformity and stability.  Today, however, that 'road less traveled' might be the only logical path towards a meaningful career.  Modern society calls for fresh thinking and inspired action and when it comes to dealing with an unknowable future;  Babson College President Len Schlesinger passionately suggests that 'If you can't predict the future - and increasingly you can't - action trumps everything.'  For decades now, Babson College has been the preeminent school for 'entrepreneurship of all kinds', and as it's 12th President, Schlesinger is more determined than ever to teach you their method.  In his new book - Just Start - Schlesinger, gives you the playbook to Act.  Learn and Build.  Here's an overview....