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33voices interviews Faisal Hoque

The Power of Convergence

The Power of Convergence   There's no denying that ongoing innovation is a business imperative of the highest priority for companies of all sizes.  It's hard to imagine a productive business conversation without some mention of technology or innovation; yet for every Apple and Google that exist, hundreds of businesses and millions of ideas go unnoticed because of poor execution.  In his latest book - The Power of Convergence - Faisal Hoque details why aligning technology decisions with a company's business strategies is the key to sustainable success.  Follow his logic and you'll be clear that "through convergence, organizations shed their inefficiencies in favor of collaboration, shared goals, and focused outcomes.  Convergence is the antithesis to internal rivalries, segmented initiatives, and fragmented strategies."  Here's something that will challenge your thinking....

10 Inspirational Moments From the Conversation