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33voices interviews Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


Carol Dweck Ph.D.

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The Mindset of Success

In early December, we hosted a simulcast of the Lean Startup Conference; and what an amazing experience it was.  Because we hand-picked the entrepreneurs in the room, the conversations were particularly stimulating and the collaboration brought the best out in each of us.  Two particular individuals stood out - both were successful but seemed destined for different outcomes.  The first was in the third year of his business; and appeared to have the product/market fit nailed - his big concern; however, was attracting intelligent people 'who can make me smarter'.  The second was in his fourth year, and also had a good handle on the product/market fit, except that his focus centered on the 'ever evolving learning lab' he was creating - he wanted to find a way to accelerate it.  If you're familiar with Stanford Professor Carol Dweck's work, you will undoubtedly recognize that each of these individuals lives with a different Mindset.  Who would you invest in? - Carol can give you glimpse  ------