Episode #341 Debra Kaye: Red Thread Thinking.


33voices, interviews Debra Kaye, author of Red Thread Thinking.


Debra Kaye

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Everything Old is New

The making of a brand is lifetime endeavor.  It's one that starts by deeply connecting with your values and lives on when others are moved by them.  A good friend shared a restaurant experience recently that captured that essence for me - During a recent visit to the fashionable NoMad restaurant in New York City, he engaged his waiter in sharing the philosophy behind the uber-cool NoMad brand.  His waiter opted instead for show and tell, and walked Patrick to the kitchen where he showed him a  framed white portrait with 11 words meticulously positioned on it; including Loose, Alive, Enduring, Original, Thoughtful and Satisfaction.  He went on to explain that each of their restaurants is distinguished by a unique theme with this one being -The Rolling Stones - 'that's what we stand for, and every action any of us takes, serves one of those eleven words'.  Brand maven, Debra Kaye tells me that 'A brand is a personalty' and in her latest book - Red Thread Thinking - she explains why "everything old is new."