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33voices interviews Cesar Kuriyama, founder of 1 Second Everyday.


Cesar Kuriyama

Principal/Founder & Creative Human Person at 1 Second Everyday View Full Profile

Step Outside the Box

The words "innovation" & "creativity" are frequently tossed around alongside the complaints of being difficult to achieve.  Often, it's because you're only looking for ideas within your own industry; which ultimately leads to tiny improvements that rarely pass for innovations at all.  True innovation is the process of seeking inspiration from other industries that you admire, and figuring out a way to weave them seamlessly into your product or service.  Nike has spiced up their shoes by linking them with the iPods. Swiss engineer George de Mestral imagined the idea of Velcro when he noticed how burrs stuck to his dog's fur.  Connecting two, unrelated disciplines is something Cesar Kuriyama lives for, and here's why ---