Episode #386 Marilyn Tam: 33voices, interviews Marilyn Tam, author of The Happiness Choice.


33voices, interviews Marilyn Tam, author of The Happiness Choice.


Marilyn Tam

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The Happiness Cho!ce

The happiest person I know happens to also be the busiest and most successful person I know.  He has built an enduring business that's destined to outlive him.  He has earned the privilege to travel around the world empowering social causes that he cares deeply about.  He has invested prudently, and as a result of his financial stewardship, his money will last for generations.     Despite being in his 60s, he looks like a fit professional athlete in his 30s because he maintains health and nutrition as his most important morning ritual.  And perhaps most important of all, he has gained a global following that trusts his every word.  As I paused to reflect on how his example impacts me, I immediately started to connect the dots between Gallup's wellbeing index and Marilyn Tam's inspirational book, The Happiness Cho!ce. As an global humanitarian, Marilyn has that rare ability of making everyone around her better - it's been her life mission since she was 11 years old, and she maintains it by combing these five factors ----