Episode #441 Porter Gale: Your Network Is Your Net Worth


33voices, interviews Porter Gale, author of Your Network Is Your Net Worth.


Porter Gale

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Your Network is Your Net Worth

A few days before my scheduled conversation with Porter Gale, a close friend approached me about introducing his cousin to a professional athlete whom he felt would make a great seed investor for his new venture.  The founder, a seasoned entrepreneur, had an impressive track record, but was building a sports related business for the first time.  Without hesitation, I offered to help and within minutes, I had received an email introduction and an accompanying slide deck profiling the business. The idea was brilliant; the team was intelligent and experienced and the product brought fresh eyes to a recurring problem facing professional athletes in all major sports.   Relying on the strength of my relationship with both parties, I made the introduction and by the results of their initial meeting, they might be boarding a rocket ship together.  Only time will tell, but for me, the opportunity to facilitate that relationship is why I do what I do; and it's why I resonate with Porter Gale's mantra - Your Network is Your Net Worth. Here's why you should stop networking ----