Episode #1547 Christy Dawn: Christy Dawn On Living In Your Heart Space

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Christy Dawn and Jenna discuss how we can evolve our state of consciousness to live in alignment with our true selves and nature. Christy shares how to cultivate our sense of awareness, shift from a mindset of lack to gratitude, and why letting go leads to abundance.

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Christy Dawn

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Christy Dawn On Living In Your Heart Space

Christy Dawn begins every day repeating Thank You the first 10 steps she takes. The gratitude sets the tone for her day; Rooting her in a state of presence that enables her to move through life with acceptance and appreciation. 

How do you cultivate this state of being? Through a daily commitment to live in alignment with yourself and evolve your state of consciousness. This may be a lifelong journey but it’s paved with each step. In our conversation, Christy shares the essential energy and mindset shifts we can make to shape the way we experience our life and the world, such as how to shift from a state of lack to abundance, fear to love, and isolation to connection.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss… 

  • The mindset shift that transformed Christy’s way of being and life 
  • Awakening to the notion that nothing outside of you can make you happy 
  • Living in a state of awareness, acceptance, and alignment
  • Befriending your feelings and fears to allow them dissipate
  • Unpacking challenges to unveil what you’re still holding onto
  • Why letting go leads to abundance
  • Our vital journey back to nature