Episode #1354 Eric Feng: Flexing Between the Entrepreneurial & VC Mindset

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Eric and Jenna walk through Eric’s unique career from building the first version of Hulu in 84 days to backing companies like Hollar and The Wing at Kleiner Perkins, and his latest startup Packagd, which is creating QVC for the digital generation. He shares the advice he would give himself starting his first company Mojiti: Never lose sight of product market fit. Focus on the what not the how. We also chat about making the switch from individual contributor to leader, Eric went from leading 8 at Mojiti to 80+ at Hulu, why you must innovate on every part of your business model to be successful, and the importance of involving everyone on your team, in startups and VC, in the decision making process to drive empathy, inclusion, and better results.


Eric Feng

Co-founder of Packagd and General Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers View Full Profile