Episode #1375 Livio Bisterzo: Food is Going Digital - Hippeas is Leading the Way

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Livio Bisterzo and Jenna discuss the future of food - the entire middle of the store is ripe for disruption - and why personalization is the future of tomorrow’s most successful food brands. Livio walks us through Hippeas commitment to giving back and consistently strengthening their supply chain, why he still receives every email that comes through the site, and the vision fueling the company’s rapid ascent; Build a brand that’s representative of a $100 million company even if you’re just launching, he says. We also break down how to build a culture to scale, why founders have to be the first one in and last one out, and the need to constantly remain vigilant; “We never take anything for granted here. We never rest. We can’t rest.”


Livio Bisterzo

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