Episode #1251 Homebrew: Homebrew’s People First Approach to VC

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Beth, Hunter, Satya, and Jenna discuss following through on Homebrew’s values and their active commitment to support founders through the highs, lows, and hard decisions of startup life.



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Learning Points

  • Reflecting on the first three years building Homebrew - “Take pleasure from the journey, not just the destination.”
  • Founders' grit - "Grit is invaluable. It’s the key to survival & success for startups."
  • On the founder and investor relationship: "Founders are the lead dog…They should always be pushing and willing to be challenged to stay true to their vision.” 
  • Existential moments for startup founders and the questions that define their outcome: How do you react when you fall down? How do you react when you make a mistake? How do you react when someone you respect tells you that you’re wrong?
  • Tips on making hard decisions and how Homebrew aims to “apply pressure sensibly and constructively.” — Satya’s advice? Keep calm and carry on. 
  • Trust as the foundation as the founder-investor relationship and how to communicate with VCs; “There’s going to be good news and bad news but we never want surprises.”