Episode #667 Bob Thompson: Hooked On Customers

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Moe and Bob discuss the five habits of legendary customer-centric companies.


Bob Thompson

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Hooked on Customers

Having spent nearly 24 years in the insurance industry, I’ve come to appreciate and distinguish what remarkable companies do, and this week gave me a glimpse of such a company.   After my car was damaged in a parking lot by an unidentified source, I contemplated paying out-of-pocket for the damages, but when my first estimate exceeded $4,000, I had no choice but to report the claim to Fireman’s Fund.  Despite a four month lag between the incident and my call, I was awed at the level of diligence, urgency and genuine care that I received.  

Within 24 hours, they had accepted my estimate and approved the charges, contacted Enterprise to arrange for a rental car, and assigned a ‘care’ specialist, Alexa to be my direct contact.  She not only made an otherwise annoying experience painless; more importantly, she reinforced to me why I willingly pay a premium for their coverage.  In his new book - Hooked On Customers:  The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies - Robert Thompson starts by distinguishing what such companies listen for.