Episode #1220 Girls Driving For a Difference: How a Road Trip Became a Design Thinking Movement

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The interview video

Jenna, Katie, and Jenna discuss the summer of Girls Driving for a Difference and how the team’s expanding their workshops to reach more young women.


Girls Driving For a Difference

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Learning Points

  • The team’s work helping young girls relinquish their ‘cool cards’ and how it empowered them to open up during the workshops 
  • The catalysts that inspired the founders to expand Girls Driving for a Difference 
  • The psychology of recognizing and sharing your strengths, particularly for young women, and how they translate into leadership skills  
  • Adaptability and honest communication on the road trip and how they helped the team operate smarter and stronger
  • The most meaningful conversations and experiences the team brought back to the RV
  • The craziest memories from the RV; Including getting stuck in the sand in Texas 
  • Designing the Girls Driving for a Difference Toolkit and the team’s hope to partner with coaches around the U.S.