Episode #1257 Piraye Beim: How Celmatix Puts Women in Charge of Their Health

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The interview video

Dr. Beim and Jenna discuss the team’s mission to empower every woman with the information she needs to make active health decisions as well as the similarities between being an entrepreneur and a scientist. 


Piraye Beim

Founder and CEO of Celmatix View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How Celmatix is combining big data and genetic data to give every woman a comprehensive view of her health -  Fertility is not a one size fits all process 
  • Inside Celmatix’s partnerships with fertility and research centers and collaborations with groups like 23andMe to gather clinical and genetic data 
  • Navigating change and progress at health startups 
  • Piraye’s decision to launch Celmatix and the moment inspiration struck - Raising her hand in a meeting and asking ‘Who is working on personalized medicine in fertility?’
  • The early years; 
  • The early years; “I had an Ivy League PhD, I had left my post-doctoral training at Cambridge, and there I was living on couches and dragging my suitcase around in the snow in NY. My parents thought I had completely lost my mind."
  • The two experiments Piraye launched Celmatix with: Decoding the genetic basis of fertility for women and building a business that fosters real relationships with their team members  
  • How being a scientist is similar to being an entrepreneur - Every Ph.D. scientist has built a startup. 
  • Celmatix’s vision of success; “We are doing this for our daughters…Success isn’t about a valuation or a particular sale. Personalized medicine for women’s fertility is achievable, and it’s achievable soon.”