Episode #1393 Christiane Lemieux: How Christiane Lemieux Keeps Revitalizing Design

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Christiane Lemieux and Jenna discuss how The Inside is evolving design so we can change our homes to reflect our lives. We chat about the future of customization, e-commerce, and why entertainment is crucial to retail 2.0. 

We then walk through Christiane's entrepreneurial journey from founding Dwell Studio to partnering with Wayfair, how those lessons influence her building The Inside, and tips to avoid shiny objects syndrome while still leaving room for serendipity. We also discuss her personal journey including her work with Every Mother Counts, why mindfulness is a practice and how to strengthen the muscle, and tips to make time where you need to; “The more organized you are, the more of your life you get back, the more balance you can achieve.”


Christiane Lemieux

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