Episode #1167 Nick Weaver: How eero is Designing Wi-Fi for the Future

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The interview video

Nick and Jenna discuss the evolution of eero as well as the team's collective focus on infusing the brand into each part of the product.


Nick Weaver

CEO and Co-Founder of eero View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • The mesh network enabling eero to “blanket your home in wifi” and save you from the “buffering screen of death” 
  • The evolution of the connected home and how eero’s building their technology to power it today and in the future 
  • eero’s goal to make technology “an enabler not a frustration” 
  • The role small nuances on their website like “Map Hops” and “Under the Hood” play in educating the community 
  • The full circle of exceptional branding, why it requires your entire team’s focus, and eero’s efforts to hire team members who default to approachability and helpfulness 
  • Why your brand must extend to every part of your product including design, voice, customer experience, social media, etc. 
  • Intuition as a muscle and cultivating the ability to ask "the questions that get you to where you need to go"