Episode #1381 Susan Tynan: How Framebridge Became A Verb & A True Disruptor

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Susan Tynan and Jenna discuss how Framebridge is making framing as simple and cost-effective as it’s ever been and the team’s goal to give everyone who sees something beautiful the opportunity to relive the moment. Susan discusses the scaling challenges of distinguishing what you will never change and what you have to change in order to grow. At Framebridge one value always reigns: “Each one is the only one — because for our customers it is.” We chat about how Framebridge navigated blowing past an early Father’s Day promotion and dug out of going from a 48-hour turn around to a 15-day turn around. Susan also shares how she utilizes the military OODA loop — Observe, Orient, Decide, Act — to make decisions quickly, why she always asks everyone for their opinion, and tips to context switch from high-level strategy discussions to granular details. 


Susan Tynan

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