Episode #1049 Jeff Fernandez: How Intuitive CEOs Optimize for Evolution

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The interview video

Jeff shares the four critical reflection points he’s experienced as CEO and how Grovo hires senior executives.


Jeff Fernandez

Co-founder and CEO of Grovo View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How Grovo is reinventing learning for the modern workforce

  • How microlearning inspires deeper employee engagement

  • The company’s evolution from a 250 square foot office to nearly 200 team members

  • The four points of critical reflection in Jeff’s evolution as CEO

  • A detailed look into Grovo’s framework for hiring senior executives

  • Culture lessons Jeff’s learned from his advisors and mentors

  • How running a company is like coaching a football team

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Growing Up as CEO: How Jeff Fernandez is Shaping Grovo's Next Chapter

Before building Grovo, the leading workplace learning solution in 190 countries, Jeff Fernandez was an exceptional football player. An All-State punter and placekicker at Harvard University, he went on to play semi-pro for the New York Rebels in 2008. Jeff’s core learning from the game stems from his high school football coach, Jim Wickman...

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