Episode #1274 Alan Chan: How Joy is Revitalizing the Photo Album

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Alan and Jenna discuss the design decisions and process that enable Joy to become a part of our family routine and merge seamlessly into our homes. 


Alan Chan

Co-founder and CEO of Joy View Full Profile

Insights from Alan

  • "We want Joy to feel like a part of your home and disappear into your living space. When you want to use Joy it should be seamless; Always accessible and at your fingertips." 
  • "We've been sold the idea that more apps, features, and ports are better.  We have to remove unnecessary features to move towards a world of more simplicity. Technology is a part of our lives. We shouldn't have to step out of our lives to use it."
  • On advice from Ev Williams: "People on the internet love and want to do the exact same things they have always done. Our job is to remove steps and make it easier."