Episode #1376 Jennifer Chong: How Linjer Bootstrapped a Luxury Minimalist Brand

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Jennifer Chong and Jenna discuss how Linjer bootstrapped the business, working without employees for three years, and the tactics behind their million dollar crowdfunding campaigns. Jenn’s best piece of advice: "Cultivate a solid list of 1,000 people who really care about what you are doing before you launch. Crowdfunding campaigns are about momentum. You have to launch with a bang." Jenn shares how they survived an early manufacturing disaster, how they evaluate partners now - when possible always meet with a founder and never skimp on references - and the importance of establishing scalable communication practices once you partner. We also chat about Jenn’s journey as a self-taught designer and how observing the “beauty for beauty’s sake” philosophy in Florence inspired Linjer's Tulip and Mini handbags.


Jennifer Chong

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