Episode #1214 LOLA: How LOLA Demystified Women's Health

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The interview video

Alex, Jordana, and Jenna reflect on LOLA's first year and the key fundraising, operations, and storytelling lessons the team's learned along the way.



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Learning Points

  • Conversation starters to conduct your early focus groups; The key is to be vulnerable and share your personal story first 
  • Creating a non-judgmental and supportive brand; Alex and Jordana knew LOLA needed to feel like a woman’s sister or best friend for her to feel comfortable sharing her personal story
  • The evolution of LOLA’s mission and how it’s shaping their newly launched blog, The Broadcast where women open up about serious topics such as IVF treatment and mastectomies  
  • Inspiring habitual change; It starts with an honest conversation and questions that encourage people to think critically about their decisions 
  • The right questions to ask your potential investors and the strategies Alex and Jordana used to partner with a diverse set of VCs in their seed round
  • Pitching tips to leave investors curious
  • The importance of partnering with a operations and logistics advisor and why you should ask them: What keeps you up at night?