Episode #1360 Jennie Baik: How Orchard Mile is Shaping E-Commerce 2.0

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Jennie and Jenna discuss how Orchard Mile balances empowering consumers to curate collections while simultaneously designing an e-commerce experience that surprises and delights them — It’s like the fourth date, not the first. Jennie shares the challenge of signing their first 30 brands, the $10,000 sales day turning point and how the right mix of marketing and a few good customers can you help you break the threshold. We also dive into Orchard Mile’s culture including their 80-20 approach to evaluating performance, how they spot self-starters, rather than prioritizing degrees or specialized resumes, and how to contextualize your personal best and your team’s best to constantly level up in startups.


Jennie Baik

CEO and Co-founder of Orchard Mile View Full Profile