Episode #1173 Phoebe Hayman: How Seedling Ignites Our Inner Child

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The interview video

Phoebe and Jenna discuss how Seedling designs their company to reflect how children see the world.


Phoebe Hayman

Co-founder and CEO of Seedling View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How Seedling empowers children to create moments, not things 
  • Why we need to place a higher value on uninhibited creativity 
  • How Seedling infuses the nature of their products into the company's autonomous culture 
  • Why Phoebe asks her team members to set the expectation for their conversations, rather than assuming their goals 
  • Evolving communication to match your startup's growth and how to approach transparency in a way that empowers your team rather than exposing them to unnecessary pressures  
  • The three questions Phoebe asks to ensure she has a pulse on how the team is feeling and operating 
  • The importance of office design and how Seedling pairs team members  with different skill sets to maximize creativity and collaboration 
  • Seedling's upcoming collaboration with Disney and how they're "weaving it through kids experiences" to make them the heroes of the story