Episode #1238 Jill Wilson: How SGN Became America's Mobile Gaming Leader

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Jill and Jenna discuss scaling SGN to be a mobile games behemoth with five studios, 14 teams, and over 400 team members.


Jill Wilson

Senior Vice President of Game Development at SGN View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Jill’s decision to join SGN, then Mind Jolt, in 2010 and why she believed they’d reach this growth - They’ve doubled their revenue and user base every year 
  • Game development as a team sport; “Everyone has to coexist to make a great game. We’re all working super hard to outshine ourselves.” 
  • How to solve challenges by asking questions that enable your team members to uncover the answers they need 
  • The psychology of successful mobile games and the emotional experiences we crave as users 
  • The evolving convergence of the gaming and entertainment worlds and the future of pairing the right brand with the right game - Now is the perfect time. 
  • How to take smart risks - “Do the prep work to understand why you should trust your gut.” 
  • Why Jill approaches life as a game; If everything is a level, there is a way to beat it.