Episode #1371 Summersalt: Summersalt Designs Swimwear to Empower All Women

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Lori Coulter, Reshma Chamberlin, and Jenna discuss how Summersalt is creating an inclusive and diverse swimwear line to bring loyalty and a new narrative to a previously fragmented industry. Lori and Reshma share advice on how to navigate startup challenges — Everything is just a phase and you’re always going to face challenges. Approach it is tactically as possible and know it won’t last forever. We walk through tactics to distinguish and accomplish only your essential tasks to own your time, including examples from Lori and Reshma that helped them launch Summersalt in five months. We also chat about their childhood entrepreneurial endeavors and family experiences — How Reshma’s grandmother became one of the first Bollywood actresses and opened her own movie studio, and the lessons Lori learned watching her dad’s business scale from $6M market cap to $3.6B in 10 years.



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