Episode #1233 Jill Salzman: How The Founding Moms Grew Into a Global Community

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The interview video

Jill and Jenna discuss scaling The Founding Moms, how she shifted from a freemium model to a paid model, and why she’s chosen to bootstrap the business.


Jill Salzman

Founder of The Founding Moms and Co-Host of Breaking Down Your Business View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • The serendipitous dentist appointment that changed the trajectory of The Founding Moms; “Tell everyone what you are doing all of the time because you never know where the help is going to come from.”
  • How to preserve your company’s core as you scale 
  • Why you must charge for your services, how it elevates your brand, and tips to make the shift, even for first-time entrepreneurs
  • Bootstrapping strategies for founders and why you don’t have to raise outside capital to build a thriving business
  • The importance of patience and perseverance when growing your startup