Episode #1205 Heidi Zak: How ThirdLove Designs Perfect Fit Lingerie

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The interview video

Heidi and Jenna discuss how ThirdLove is redefining the lingerie experience for modern women. 


Heidi Zak

Co-Founder and CEO of ThirdLove View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • ThirdLove’s computer vision fit technology and how it’s enabling women to find their bra size without leaving their homes
  • ThirdLove’s exclusive half sizes which 40% of their women wear 
  • Focusing on fit and comfort to create confidence and why the lingerie is designed to empower women 
  • The importance of entrepreneurs learning to move on as quickly as possible; “Every day is a new day.” 
  • Why it’s vital that entrepreneurs have down time - It’s when you have your a-ha moments.
  • The importance of building a close network of founders who understand the challenges you’re facing building your business 
  • How asking ‘Why?' influences Heidi’s work and the lessons she learned questioning the status quo at Aeropastle and Google 
  • Looking at change as an opportunity to learn and take on new challenges