Episode #1033 Natasha Case: How to Build a Value Driven Company

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The interview video

Natasha and Jenna discuss the unexpected genesis of Coolhaus and the mission to build a positively-reinforcing brand.  


Natasha Case

Co-founder & CEO of Coolhaus & Host of the Start to Sale podcast View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • The wild journey leading up to Coolhaus 
  • The importance of literally drawing your vision
  • Why lasting brands establish their values from day one 
  • Building a company where no one - customers or team members - feels left out 
  • Leadership advice for young founders and how to navigate your evolution 
  • The Coolhaus flavors Natasha would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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The Leadership Driving Coolhaus’ Ice Cream Empire

“The earth is craving people who try to be revolutionary, push the envelope, and take risks,” Natasha Case shared, reflecting on her time as a student at Berkeley. An architect by trade, the first step Natasha takes to fulfill this calling is physically drawing her vision.

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