Episode #1129 Eric Grosse: How to Define Your Personal Leadership Style

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The interview video

Eric joins Jenna to discuss the foundational leadership lessons he's gleaned from his journey leading the teams at Hotwire, Expedia, and now Chairish. 


Eric Grosse

Co-founder and CEO of Chairish View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • The difference in the dynamics of starting Hotwire in the early 2000's and founding Chairish in 2012
  • Why you should constantly repeat your mission and the long-term value it carries for your organization 
  • How to avoid micromanagement and the most effective way to promote autonomy while demonstrating your unwavering support for your team
  • Chairish’s goal setting framework and the questions that that will help you shape your company's objectives 
  • A leader’s responsibility to maintain the company’s pulse and the internal and external factors you need to assess to do so 
  • Eric’s experiences as the President of Expedia and how he led the resurgence of the company putting travelers first 
  • Why you should always think and act like a customer and how the mentality helped Expedia revive their customer loyalty 

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When the founders of Hotwire reflect on launching one of the first online travel websites in 2000 they describe the early days as “complete and utter chaos. We raised $75 million, hired 100 people and grew as quickly as we could,” Gregg Brockway, the company’s former Chief Product Officer, said. Hotwire was acquired by Expedia in 2003, where Gregg and his co-founders Eric Grosse, Karl Peterson, and Spencer Rascoff remained to lead the team.

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