Episode #1179 Scott Crabtree: How to Gamify Your Workplace

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The interview video

Scott and Jenna discuss tangible strategies to apply the gamer's mindset to your life and work. 


Scott Crabtree

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How to approach work like a game 
  • The power of language and choosing your thoughts and words to stimulate creativity and resourcefulness 
  • Applying the three core human needs games fulfill  - autonomy, mastery, and relatedness - to your life, work, and team 
  • Getting into a state of flow and how working  "at the edge of your ability" optimizes your output 
  • Adopting the growth mindset and the importance of focusing on learning rather than abilities and talent 
  • Practicing gamer habits - from writing down a task to solving a problem - and how to identify negative cues and reshape your approach 
  • The reality of a playful workplace and why it doesn't indicate eating fancy snacks at a well-funded startup 
  • Strategies to maintain the gamer's mindset as your company scales, how to stay connected, as well as new, interactive ways to give feedback and measure progress