Episode #1083 Suneet Bhatt: How to Leverage the Era of People Based Marketing

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The interview video

Suneet provides in-depth examples and tactics to engage your customers during the six hours they spend on email each day.


Suneet Bhatt

Chief Marketing Officer at LiveIntent View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How LiveIntent enables brands and publishers to efficiently and respectfully engage customers through email 
  • Why people based marketing is the most critical shift since digital and the steps to take to leverage it  
  • How to reach and monetize your mobile audience 
  • Why focusing on email open rates is a false metric and the behavior you should analyze instead 
  • How email marketing fits into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and why we prefer consistency rather than surprise 
  • Examples of exceptional email marketing and the newsletters Suneet opens every day 
  • How to structure your email campaigns and the most important thing to include in the first message 
  • Email marketing as a social contract and what it means for your company