Episode #1112 Jane Bryant Quinn: How to Make Your Money Last

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In this episode, Jane and Moe share a perspective on how modern retirement is changing; and the ways in which you can make your money last.


Jane Bryant Quinn

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How to Make Your Money Last During Retirement

The 33voices Edge Dialogue series, with Moe Abdou & Jane Bryant Quinn

For nearly four decades now, personal finance journalist, Jane Bryant Quinn has been a trusted advocate for millions of Americans working hard to get ahead financially.  As all of us who follow her work know, her scope of expertise is both deep and wide; still as she approaches her golden years, she has become especially focused on supporting the efforts of those making important retirement decisions.  

Her latest book, How to Make Your Money Last, is a comprehensive tool that brings together the essential ingredients that are absolutely necessary for anyone aspiring to design a worry-free retirement.  As we’ve come to expect from Jane, she offers plenty of candid financial and investment advice; but what might surprise you this time, is her emphasis on the emotional and psychological issues that most of us don’t see coming.  

Here are some of the talking points that guide our conversation: